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My First Blog Post

Yesterday I was walking down Main Street and saw my friends sitting down eating outside of the Collegiate. I walked on over and saw this girl who I didn’t really know sitting with them. We are both in the same art class, it was Angie. This was my 3 question interview. She said that she thinks that Alfred University is a very good and cute campus. I asked her if she had been to the farmers market. She said that she bought cucumbers there


Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self, 4/19/20

Right now it’s 5pm on a Sunday and you are currently inside, writing to yourself. It’s 5pm because you always spend all your Sundays, sleeping the day away and working on last minute homework. But this Sunday, or rather these past few Sundays, have been different. But not in the way you’re thinking; your glorious Sunday schedule has not changed, In fact it’s the only consistent thing in your life right now. Your world and the rest of the world is changing. Tomorrow marks the one monthiversary since you officially began quarantining. I know, what a call for a celebration. Except you can’t celebrate with anyone but your family. And if this were your birthday you wouldn’t be able to buy a cake because gluten-free bakeries are closed, just like all the other non-essential businesses. So your best bet would be to bake your own. You would also have to cook your own birthday dinner because you can’t get takeout. Everyone else can, it is essential, but it’s risky. What if the person making your chipotle rice bowl had it and didn’t know it? Then you and your entire family could get it, and the last thing you want is your immunosuppressed dad to get it. But your birthday is near the end of June and who knows what the world’s gonna be like then. But who cares about your birthday? Honestly, you barely have anything to worry about other than your dad. In fact, you have it really good right now; you’re safe inside surrounded by your family that unconditionally loves you. Also the global pandemic of complete utter boredom has not infected you yet. You find it very easy to not get bored, whether it’s talking on the phone, procrastinating, sleeping, or annoying your brother. But above all, creating art has always been and currently is your main source of entertainment. So I’m wondering while I’m spending all this time making art, will I come out of quarantine as a better artist? Will my overall creativity, abilities and style improve? I don’t know, but you do. You also know how long I’ll be stuck inside for, and as each day passes I begin to have some regrets. Back in Alfred there was a signature look, these luxurious bags under the eyes, which you sported because you were constantly sleep deprived. You felt every second as it wore you down. You felt like you were being suffocated by assignments, friends, and responsibilities. All you wanted was some time to sleep, so Sundays became your designated hibernation day. And they still are, but now it seems like you are in actual hibernation. So when all of this is over I want you to remember these days of just laying around. Obviously you should still get a good amount of sleep. But also really focus on spending each day not just appreciating what you have, but taking full advantage of it.

Interview someone you haven’t talked to in a while

I’ve been meaning to text my friend Alex for a while now so this assignment was kinda a little reminder to do so. We have a lot of the same interests and we were really close in High School. She graduated a year before me so soon our friendship changed from hanging out everyday to hanging out once a month to hanging out once every few months. Before today we haven’t talked or hung out since January. I’m not the best at keeping in touch with people. I felt bad that I let it be this long with out talking.

The assignment suggested that I choose a topic and go into depth with questions. However, the main point of the assignment was to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Whether this was assigned or not I would have texted her. Considering we haven’t spoke in such a long time I didn’t want her to feel like I was only talking to her just for that.

Color + Artist Research

Cochineal Red:

Georgia O’Keefe:

Georgia O’Keeffe was an influential modern artist during the 20th century. She was best known for her realistic and abstract paintings of flowers, skulls, skyscrapers, and landscapes. Almost all of her paintings are filled with vibrant colors. O’Keeffe most frequently liked using bright yellows, purples, blues, reds, and greens. While these colors are loud, they work well together, in turn creating an engaging and calming atmosphere. She based these color choices off of what she was seeing in front of her. I feel that O’Keeffe’s paintings are truly beautiful. This beauty stems from her soft brush strokes that create a smooth and fluid image and her wide range of bright colors.

Location Location Location

Reflection: Louise Despont

Out of all the artists, I connected most to Louise Despont. Within the first few minutes of her speaking I was immediately able to relate to her. Like Despont, I also tend to focus more on drawing and making tiny details. Despont is an artist that works from home. Her entire living room is her studio. I can relate because I practically turned a small part of my basement into a little art studio. One quote from her that I connected to the most was “I take a last look at it, because I know it’s the last time to make changes. And when I look at the drawing I could see areas that aren’t fully connected or fully resolved.” She said this all before her work was about to be professionally framed. Hearing that a professional artist also has a hard time letting go of her work and feels that it is never truly finished. Makes me feel more valid for also feeling this way about my own work.


My original point of this project was to create a costume that resembled confidence and wear it around the Tefft and Moskowitz link. As a person who has low self esteem their whole life. I wanted to create a performance in which it shown me ridding myself of low self esteem and replacing it with self love and confidence. I was going to walk around the space with a blanket over me, trying to blend in with the background. After walking around of a while I was going to take the blanket off and reveal the belt with the string train dragging as I walk. The point of the colorful belt was to show the audience “my true colors”. However this did not end up working out because as I was going to do the performance in front of the class, all the string ended up getting tangled. So then everyone tried to help me untangle the string for 10 minutes. That’s when the new idea was formed to go around asking people to untangle my belt.


• ADs

• Phone notifications

• Writing

• Tapping

• Music

• Emails

• Road signs

• Car’s head lights and signals

• Clock

• Singing

• Alarm clock

• Fire alarm

• Laughing

• Keys jingling

• Blow drier

• Hair brushing

• Crying

• Scraping paint

• Barking

• Wind blowing

• Rain

• Locking door

• Turning off phone

• Charging phone

• Coughing

• Door opening

• Flushing toilet

• Footsteps

• Zipper

• Closing marker cap

• Cars passing

• Clothing logos

• Calendars

• Due dates

• Screaming

• Washing machine

• Drier

• Papers ruffling

• Shaking juice

• Bright colors

• Light switch

• Electric toothbrush

• Typing keyboard

• Water running

• Phone call

• Sneeze

• Announcements from professor

• Sniffling

• Exit signs

• Road signs

• Chewing


This was my first time ever learning how to sew and embroider. In the beginning I found embroidery to be somewhat repetitive and boring. However, as I spent more time with it, it started to become fun. It was almost therapeutic, until I stabbed myself with the needle a few times. I found sewing to be complicated and frustrating. After sewing a few stitches I would constantly have to re string the machine. The machines would also break a lot and near the end, only a few ended up working

FINAL PERFORMANCE- Untangling Confidence

For this final performance I wanted to challenge myself. My low self esteem and lack of confidence is something I have always struggled with my whole life. These past few years I have been trying my best to build myself up and appear more confident. Talking to strangers and asking people for things have always made me uncomfortable. So in order to get over this fear I did exactly that. I went around asking strangers and peers to do a simple task, untangle string tied to a belt. While this may seem like a easy feat for some, for me it was very nerve racking. I encountered many awkward exchanges while doing this and thought about backing out half way through. But with the help of my friend Kailey (who was recording the whole thing). I was able to feel more comfortable. I was also surprised to see the amount of people that agreed to help. I originally thought that the people I was going to ask would give me a weird look and say no. But that was not the case and I ended up getting a lot of people to help. This project gave me a new perspective on people and how they act towards strangers. I used to think that most of the time strangers wouldn’t give you the time of day. But I was very wrong when I saw how friendly and willing people are to help a stranger. This project also made me less afraid to ask people for simple requests.

Exploring the Space

The Moka Joka is a student run cafe with the purpose to serve food and drinks to fellow art students.


  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Menus
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Condiments
  • Jars
  • Spreads
  • Coffee
  • Tea kettle
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Chairs
  • Sink
  • Trash can

Living things

  • People


  • smooth
  • Wet
  • Rough

Sound, Smell, and Taste

  • Smells and tastes like Coffee
  • People talking
  • Pouring
  • When the microwave is on
  • When the toaster dings
  • The taste of toast and bagels

Things that seem out of place

  • The stickers and color scheme

Things that seem at home

  • The smell of coffee
  • The food in general

The people are in motion and the objects are still unless moved.