Daily Practice- Installation

The final result!!!

My installation and texture/sound video are similar because they both give a unconventional, visual representation of brushing teeth and oral care. Even though they both show this they are still very different. My video has structure, everything is in consecutive order. Like taking of your retainer, then washing it and then brushing your teeth. My installation is the opposite, every thing is thrown around and nothing has its place, its almost frustrating to look at. I did this because I wanted to show what brushing teeth is like when you are in a rush, it gets very messy. I approached the video with the mindset, thinking that what I’m doing is really weird and the video is going to be slightly weird and uncomfortable, but that’s okay. With the installation my first thought was, how creative can I be with this uncreative topic. Through doing the Daily practice everyday, I didn’t find anything new. I thought by doing this I would get a new perspective on things. However, considering that I’ve been brushing my teeth twice a day, everyday of my life, there was nothing else new to learn or pay attention to.

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