FINAL PERFORMANCE- Untangling Confidence

For this final performance I wanted to challenge myself. My low self esteem and lack of confidence is something I have always struggled with my whole life. These past few years I have been trying my best to build myself up and appear more confident. Talking to strangers and asking people for things have always made me uncomfortable. So in order to get over this fear I did exactly that. I went around asking strangers and peers to do a simple task, untangle string tied to a belt. While this may seem like a easy feat for some, for me it was very nerve racking. I encountered many awkward exchanges while doing this and thought about backing out half way through. But with the help of my friend Kailey (who was recording the whole thing). I was able to feel more comfortable. I was also surprised to see the amount of people that agreed to help. I originally thought that the people I was going to ask would give me a weird look and say no. But that was not the case and I ended up getting a lot of people to help. This project gave me a new perspective on people and how they act towards strangers. I used to think that most of the time strangers wouldn’t give you the time of day. But I was very wrong when I saw how friendly and willing people are to help a stranger. This project also made me less afraid to ask people for simple requests.

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