My original point of this project was to create a costume that resembled confidence and wear it around the Tefft and Moskowitz link. As a person who has low self esteem their whole life. I wanted to create a performance in which it shown me ridding myself of low self esteem and replacing it with self love and confidence. I was going to walk around the space with a blanket over me, trying to blend in with the background. After walking around of a while I was going to take the blanket off and reveal the belt with the string train dragging as I walk. The point of the colorful belt was to show the audience “my true colors”. However this did not end up working out because as I was going to do the performance in front of the class, all the string ended up getting tangled. So then everyone tried to help me untangle the string for 10 minutes. That’s when the new idea was formed to go around asking people to untangle my belt.

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